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International conferences and congress - Dubai

Dubai - United Arab Emirates, 2018-05-04

On 5th of May during my second presentation in Dubai, I showed my protocol of work in digital esthetic dentistry but following a different process compared the process that I showed the day before.

With this “Chair-side” process, I’m able to finalize the case in only one day or sometimes in a few days. In this case, I use the mock-up as a temporary device, positioning it on to the teeth prepared, without bonding.

In order to avoid inflammation, swelling and consequently bleeding of the gums because of the mock-up, I always suggest to the patients:

  1. to clean the teeth of the mock-up and the gums around it with a soft toothbrush;
  2. to put on the gums a chlorhexidine gel 2% twice a day;
  3. and sometimes I take an injection of 4 mg of cortisone to stop the inflammation and the consequent bleeding.

In-fact the isolation of the operative site, without saliva and blood, during cementation step it is essential to obtain a stable prosthetic system in time.

In this first day of conferences, I have perceived that also in this area of the world the colleagues are interested in Digital Aesthetic dentistry.


During My first presentation, I have shared my protocol of work following a Lab-side process with which I am able in collaboration with my dental technician to create the prosthetic devices.

I divided the protocol of work into four steps:

  1. I gather all the information necessary to perform the case study evaluating, the indications for treatment, and motivation of the patient.
  2. I simulate the end result directly on the patient, using the mock-up.
  3. the software allows me to copy the patient's mock-up previously tested.
  4. I finalize the case by implementing the treatment plan, that clearly always takes into account the expectations and goals, that my staff, the patient and I have set.

I could follow the chair-side process or Lab-side process it depends how complex is the case.