The course is designed for DENTAL SURGEONS who intend to improve their knowledge of solutions for completely and partially edentulous patients. The tutors will demonstrate the simplified surgical technique and a number of prosthetic solutions in metallo-ceramics, technopolymers and ceramics, technopolymers and composites, Ti-Base concept. Aesthetic and morphological planning concepts will also be discussed.

Duration: 2 days for 2 people
Max persons: unlimited
Registration fee: 2000,00 € dentist + 800,00 € dental technician
Tutors: Dr. Roberto Molinari, Dr. Mauro Fazioni, Dental Lab Technician Franco Rossini

mantova, italy


Complete edentulism: immediate loading solutions

The course will follow a live case, starting from the surgical phase through to the completion of the case with screw-retained implants fitted. Course participants will have the chance to perform simulator-based implant insertion exercises.


Day One

Surgical and prosthetic case planning with participant exercises:

  • Anterior Design in complete edentulism
  • Prosthetic planning and 3D radiology
  • Prosthetic design: predictability of the results in terms of the cosmetic effect and stability
  • Aesthetic Design and the  patient
  • Surgical technique: planning implant positioning
  • Mock-up Guided Surgery “MGS”, the Simplant-guided
  • Choosing an implant system: surgical and prosthetic result-orientated strategies
  • Surgical technique
  • Implant position impressions
  • Intraoral digital scanning (IDS)
  • Timing and clinical and lab workflows for Prosthetic Design Full-Arch
  • Natural Bridge, Toronto Bridge
  • Screw-retained concept, Cement-retained concept, Conometric concept, Ti-Base concept
  • Choosing the material for the substructure
  • Engineered suprastructures
  • Technopolymer and Vetroceramics and Lithium Silicate
  • Technopolymer and Composites


Day Two

The Tutors will perform a live surgery session with immediate prosthetic finishing.