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Medical mind of Roberto Molinari

The most important thing to do is the mock-up

In the complex cases in which esthetic is involved the most important thing to do is the mock-up.

It’s clear that to be as true to the information as possible, with respect to the final result, the mock-up has to be perfect.

In addition to the resin that I use to make the teeth, I use a pink composite to redefine the gingival profile that best simulates the final situation.

The mock-up performs two important aspects, the first one is the clinical aspect, as it gives us the opportunity to assess what the critical issues are, and guides us in treatment planning, the second has to do with marketing, in particular I show directly to the patient what the impact of the new smile on her face is.

It means creating an emotion, and today, the most effective sale technique is when the customers are emotionally involved.