International Training in
Digital Dentistry and Certification

Comprehensive one-year educational program of Association of Dental Digital academies (ADDA) that aims to enhance competence and confidence in integrating digital technology in the various clinical disciplines that are integral components of dentistry.



This course is designed for digital technique users who are interested in improving their clinical use of planning and design strategies in complex cases on back and front teeth. The whole course will be LIVE; the tutor will manage a clinical case from design through to the cementing of prosthetic...


The topic of this course is dedicated to Digital Aesthetic Dentistry on the frontal teeth following the Chair-side process . Planning a new smile we must reach two different objective connected with the clinical aspects and marketing. The simulation of the final result directly on the...


The course is designed for DENTAL SURGEONS who intend to improve their knowledge of solutions for completely and partially edentulous patients. The tutors will demonstrate the simplified surgical technique and a number of prosthetic solutions in metallo-ceramics, technopolymers and ceramics,...


During these meetings, we will discuss: new digital techniques, clinical cases, clinical literature and the latest publications, the new equipment available on the market. The study group will talk about their own clinical experiences and any doubts.


The aim of this course is to provide participants with technical and practical knowledge of digital photography applied to the dentistry sector. Today, more than ever before, the use of photography is an essential part of the skill set of any dental surgeon wanting to improve communication with...

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Programma educativo completo di un anno svolto da Associazione Accademie Digitali Dentali (ADDA) che mira a migliorare la competenza e la fiducia nell'integrazione della tecnologia digitale nelle varie discipline cliniche quali componenti integrali dell’odontoiatria. International Training in Digital Dentistry and Certification Comprehensive on
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Doctor R. Molinari

Doctor R. Molinari obtained his diploma as a dental technician in 1986; subsequently he obtained his degree in dentistry and dental prosthetics with honors from the University of Bologna (Italy) in 1993.

After having trained with the most notable experts in modern dentistry, he specialized in periodontology, implantology and aesthetic prosthetics.

He holds courses for odontologists on the correct use of CAD/CAM techniques on natural teeth and implants.

He lives in Mantova (Italy) where he has his own dental practice.